Thursday, May 7, 2009

William Elliott Hazelgrove

Every book begins with Page One.

Hazelgrove wrote Ripples in 1992 (which is when I read it). I've been wondering how his writing has evolved and of course 'googled' him. I am especially interested in reading his novels Tobacco Sticks and Rocket Man.

So many books!

The following is copied from Ripples:

As I have gotten older, I have becoming increasingly aware of the painful inadequacies of the people around me, to whom I alone have assigned great expectations. It is no fault of theirs if they should fall short of this imaginary level which I set for them and they knew nothing about. My mother told me once it will come as quite a surprise to realize the world is not composed of people such as yourself, and that if I survive the ensuing crisis I just might learn something. She was right. I was surprised, and can only hope that I have learned something.

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