Thursday, May 7, 2009

I love to cook . . . but some days . . . this would be nice

AFTER LONG DAYS AT WORK, JUDY McQueen and Buzzy Basch of Concord, N.H., were too tired to cook. But they got sick of pizza and Chinese takeout. So two months ago they hired Lisa Miner to whip up dinners like shiitake-stuffed chicken breasts and maple-mustard pork tenderloin. She mails them menus, shops, then visits their kitchen once every few weeks, fixing 10 reheatable dinners for two. The cost: $265. Says McQueen, "It's the next best thing to having your mom live next door."

The sign on the car in New Braunfels: "Personal Chef - Thyme and Wine Bill Waring 872-4653"

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