Friday, January 23, 2009

Daybreak on River Street

The Restless Sunrise
Esther Lampert

A Streaming Golden Light
Enters In and

Under the Windowsill
A Restless Sleeper

Is Awakened to New Beginnings
To Catch a Sunrise

The Dreamer Arises as the
Light Bursts Forth

The Sunrise Lights Up the
Anticipation of a World

That Has Yet To Be Created.

Breaking the cycle of abuse - one child at a time

The Guadalupe County Children's Advocacy Center has been in operation only a few years and what a difference it has made. This is a safe place where law enforcement, child protective service case workers, medical personnel, and prosecutors can investigate child abuse allegations in a manner sensitive to the needs of young children. It has been sad to see these young children (some as young as eighteen months) come to the Center; however, we are so fortunate to have this facility in our midst. Volunteers can be a part of providing support for children and their families.
As with most organizations such as this, there is never enough funds (although the GCCAC has dedicated staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to help these abused children).
Thursday, February 19, 2009 there will be a fundraiser honoring Darren Dunn at the Events Center. The Celebrity Toast for Kids! This is always a fun event for a very good cause. Last year's 'toasted' was Sheriff Arnold Zwicke and he will be this year's host, introducing KWED's Darren Dunn.

Outstanding Seguin Citizens

Each year the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise recognizes citizens in the community who give outstanding service to our city. This year there were four Seguinites who received Vision Awards (for selfless extraordinary service to the community) and one person who was named Citizen of the Year.
As I understand it, these awards were first given in the mid-1900s and two years ago the Mary Lee Roberts Citizen of the Year award was initiated. Last year Fanny Harkins was Citizen of the Year.
This year Irma Lewis was given this award. Among all of Irma Lewis's achievements and contributions (AND THEY ARE NUMEROUS!), there is a very recent one: she gathered a group of 'older' ladies (most of them over fifty years of age) to dance at the San Antonio Spurs games! As Kathy Nossamon stated: "No one can tell Irma 'no.'" This has been a lot of fun for these ladies and also fun for Seguin!
Check out the Sterling Silver (they dropped the 'dancers' title because as one of the ladies stated: "We can't dance!") Blog!
The 2009 Vision Award recipients are Suzanne Sanders, Stanley Naumann, Ernest Leal, and John Gesick. There is not enough space on this blog to list these folks' achievements and dedication. Read your Sunday Gazette-Enterprise to get the news!
These selfless individuals make our community a better place and none of them promote themselves but always mention the work of others; they are modest, hard-working, extraordinary people - and Seguin is richer because of them and folks like them.