Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cajun Jamboree

Seguin Outdoor Learning Center

Ooooooh - sooooo goood!!


All you can eat!!

The Crawdad Racing Arena
My crawfish "Creole" didn't even place!

Hiking in the Alps

Mosheim Bed and Breakfast

Mosheim Mansion

Trip Advisor

Excerpt from John Gesick's book
Under the Live Oak Tree
A History of Seguin
No history of Seguin would be complete without mention of the Mosheim-Weyel Home at 409 North Austin. Historic Homes mentions that Emil Mosheim was born in Germany. He came to Seguin in the late 1800s and began his successful law practice. Originally the structure was brick and was surrounded by ornate Victorian porches upstairs and downstairs. The brick structure itself was "supplied with rainwater gutters which drained into a charcoal filtered cistern, covered by a gazebo."
When the wooden balconies were removed is unknown. Regardless, the imposing brickwork, distinct lines and angles of the architecture, make this one of the more stately homes in Seguin.
In 1984, City Councilman Rodger Weyel purchased the Mosheim Home and it presently houses an antique shop.

This house also was the site of the Christian Cupboard in its infancy.