Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starcke Park

Copied from Texas Escapes:
This glorious municipal park, operated by the City of Seguin, is beautiful and rich with the area's history. Built by the National Youth Administration in 1937 on the banks of the Guadalupe River, this large park has small rolling hills which are grassy and densely shaded by the most pecan trees you have ever seen. Other attractions include standard and miniature golf courses, playgrounds, picnic areas, volleyball, and basketball. The vegetation is lush with vines and caladiums along the riverbanks. Numerous picnic tables can be found right on the banks and throughout the park. Small motorized boats operate upstream.

A Seguin Fixture

Excerpt from The Muelders in New Berlin by Evelyn Muelder
The prominence of the Muelder family in the New Berlin area can be illustrated by newspaper accounts of the wedding of Irma Muelder to Edgar Weyel in September of 1917. The ceremony and reception were held in the Muelder home, with 200 guests in attendance. Piano, violin, and clarinet played the wedding march as the bride entered the room, wearing a diamond lavilier, a gift from the groom. Toasts were offered by local dignitaries, including Mr. L. Kuehler, Reverend Freuh, and Judge Williams. The Marion Brass Band played during the reception, and Edgar Zuehl drove the newlyweds to San Antonio in his new Buick for their honeymoon. After their honeymoon, the couple took up residence in the Muelder home. Irma helped her parents with the business while her husband Edgar commuted to Marion where he had a car dealership. Two children were born to them in the house, Marjorie and Rodger.

Funding Missions

More than six years ago, Mary Ulmer, a member of the Seguin First Methodist Church, had a dream and a passion for mission work.
She was instrumental in starting the first FUMC Dinner Talent Showcase. January 24, 2009 was the sixth annual event and was very successful.
Mary is one of those special individuals who makes a difference and makes things happen. She has moved from Seguin and is now making things happen in Houston!
"Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe