Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

It seems as though there are few good movies these days. Or at least movies that appeal to me. However, I did enjoy Slumdog Millionaire which we saw recently in San Marcos.
Kim Voyner reviews the movie in Telluride Review about this movie and writes "There's sadness and tragedy within Slumdog Millionaire - starvation, genocide, child prostitution, and overwhelming depression - but there's humor, humanity and dignity as well."

Seguin Chamber of Commerce

The Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce moved into their new digs a few weeks ago and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 27th.
The donors were honored that evening and guests noted the improvements in this new facility.
With this new structure, the Chamber can do things that just weren't possible in the previous location. The Visitors Center is located under the same roof.

Awards for Seguin Citizens Who Make A Difference

When we first moved to Seguin, I was rather surprised that the city had two Chambers of Commerce: the Seguin Chamber of Commerce and the Seguin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. However, after learning more about the city and how effective both Chambers are, it is not surprising at all.
The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently honored Seguin Citizens who have made a positive impact with their contributions to the city. It is well to be reminded now and again of the hard-working, willing, people who make our city a better place in which to live. These folks are unassuming (never promoting themselves) who work within the community in so many areas.
Businessman of the Year award went to Lolo Martinez; Businesswoman of the Year award went to Mary Louise Gonzales.
Humanitarian Award went to Barbara Behal; Patriot Award to J. P. Amador. The Community Service Award was given to Mary Louise Gonzales.
The Youth-Mentor Leadership Award was given to Mike Carrillo; Rosita Ornelas Award (for media) went to former Enterprise writer Michael Carey. The President's Award was given to Joe Polanco.
After the awards, the Casino was opened! You don't have to go to Las Vegas to have fun!

St. James Catholic Church

St. James Catholic Church is a beautiful structure and one can see the steeple from almost anywhere in town.

Table Artistes!

The tables at the FUMC Dinner-Talent Showcase were beautiful!!!