Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Ticket - hopefully open soon

It will be nice when this restaurant is open
(on the site of the former Guadalupe Grille).
This is a great location
- across from City Park -
in the middle of downtown.

Yesterday's Lunch (ooooh - so good!)

Hubby purchased a very sweet watermelon at H-E-B on Friday and it was an oh-so-good lunch!
Caused us to reminise about our oldest grandson's visit last summer. After buying a watermelon at Luling and coming home to dig in, Matthew decided to make a watermelon pie. Well (apologies to Matthew) it was HORRIBLE. But it was a terrifically fun time together. We treasure those times and will tell the Watermelon Pie story as long as we live!!

Dr. Evelyn Fiedler Streng - 90 years young

Dr. Evelyn Fiedler Streng, professor emeritus of science, was honored by Texas Lutheran University faculty and friends on March 6th. I initially met Evelyn when I volunteered at the Christian Cupboard, where Evelyn has worked since the Cupboard's beginnings. She was so unassuming and so gracious and so down to earth. Although I (of course!) recognized her intellect and her far-reaching curiosity, I did not learn of her many (many!) distinguished achievements until later. Evelyn does not 'toot her own horn.' She has enriched my life and has obviously affected the lives of students, teaching colleagues, her church members, neighbors - anyone at all with whom she has come in contact has been gifted by Evelyn. She is a treasure! Ninety years old! AND, as I understand it - going on a mountain-climbing trip in September! A very Happy Birthday to Evelyn!

Note: The Fiedler Memorial Museum located on the TLU Campus is in honor of Evelyn's father and mother, A. M. and Alma Fiedler.

Extract from Seguin Gazette article dated December 2, 2008:

The museum, located in Langner Hall, celebrates all things geology-related and houses various different types of rocks, fossils, and artifacts from this and other areas.

Streng is also the foremost authority of the rocks located outside of Langner Hall as well, remaining involved in the upkeep of the gated rock garden in the back of the building, which is always open to the public.

Streng, who was a professor at TLU for 40 years, and her family have been a part of the institution’s history since before it was even known as Texas Lutheran College. And if it wasn’t for Streng’s father, Adelbert “A.M.” Fiedler, Texas Lutheran may have been known as something entirely different.

“My dad was on the Board of Regents and that was before 1936,” Streng said. “It used to be just called Lutheran College, if you know your history, and they had a discussion within the Board of Regents about renaming it and I remember that my dad came home to New Braunfels when I was a young teenager and was excited about the meeting and said that somebody said, ‘Let’s call it Christ College.’

Then somebody pointed out that well, if we’re yelling at a football game, ‘Yay Christ!’ that sounds a little weird. He wanted it to be Texas Lutheran College and he said that he made the motion, and unfortunately, the secretary did not record who made the motion, so it’s trusting my memory of his statement.”

Streng said that her love of geology came directly from her father, who himself was influenced at a young age. At 9 years old, he was given a piece of flint by his mother, which immediately sparked his interest in archaeology and history.
Note: A. M. Fiedler was teaching English in Luckenbach, Texas in 1910 and rooming with the Bonn family.