Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful Friday Clouds - but nary a raindrop

A cloud withdrew from the Sky
Superior Glory be
But that Cloud and its Auxiliaries
Are forever lost to me
Had I but further scanned
Had I secured the Glow
In an Hermetic Memory
It had availed me now.
Never to pass the Angel
With a glance at a Bow
Till I am firm in Heaven
Is my intention now.
Emily Dickinson (#895)

The Oak - A Seguin Landmark

When one walks into The Oak (110 East Gonzales Street)
there is almost always a group at one table playing cards; there may be another group playing dominoes (although I've only seen that on one occasion). You can see the fellas you played golf with; someone you chatted with at the Wellness Center that morning; doctors, lawyers, judges, postmen (we had the best mailman in the world when we lived in Elmwood - and I always look forward to seeing him at The Oak), carpenters, realtors - anyone and everyone. It is such a fun place!
I think that one of the Seguin High School class reunions was held at The Oak last year. This seciton of street is closed off for the Hats Off to Seguin celebration and The Oak is most generous in contributing to other community needs.
Texas State Represent Edmund Kuempel can be seen there on Friday evenings (note: the Rep. does not drink any alcohol - which cannot be said for all who sit at his table and discuss city and state and nation and world events; everyone has an opinion on how to 'fix' things!).