Monday, February 2, 2009

No ironing for me!

My mother loved to iron and she ironed beautifully. She was also a very accomplished seamstress and my sister and I wore lovely cotton dresses that were starched and crisply ironed. When I saw a dress I particularly liked in a department store window; we would trek to the store and my mother would examine the dress - then come home and stitch up an exact duplicate for me!
I can't sew. I hate to iron. Thus, we use Ledbetter's Cleaners and they do a fine job. In fact, after the flood, Ledbetter's brought their van and loaded up all of our river mud soaked clothes (weighing a ton!) and blankets, sheets, etc. and salvaged what could be cleaned and once we were situated in a temporary home, delivered them to us. Ledbetter's went above and beyond their normal business. And how we appreciate it!

Walk-Ins Accepted

This structure used to house Dr. Edward Balli's offices. Dr. Balli died suddenly at the age of 52 on Tuesday, February 19, 2008. He was a caring man and a good physican and was well known for his missionary work in Honduras. He and his staff had only recently moved into this new building before his death.
This Medical Center is near King Ranger Theater.

Give Blood

In our church parking lot yesterday, members of the congregation had an opportunity to donate blood.

The Red Cross has a nationwide system of sharing blood donation based on patient need.

Within the past few years, FUMC members have had this need.

Type O Negative blood is called the "universal blood type" because it can be transferred to people of all blood types.

Donating blood is a safe process. A person can donate blood once every 56 days. Patients scheduled for surgery may be eligible to donate blood for themselves in the weeks before non-emergency surgery in a process known as autologous donation.