Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Adopting Shakespeare by Folger Shakespeare Library

Rio Cibolo Ranch

Rio Cibolo Ranch

Rio Cibolo Ranch is an entertainment ranch that provides turn-key catering and entertainment services for private group functions.
1101 Ullrich Road, Marion, Texas

Bud Shrake

"This is your lucky day," Billy said to the prisoners. "The county judge has swum the river on horseback so he could get here to hold court first thing this morning. You're lucky to be brought up before a real judge in these lawless times. Lt. Tom Custer will be in court in person to get a firsthand look at what kind of stupid idiot would try to steal his horse. His brother, General Custer himself, will be showing up here in Austin with the rest of his regiment in a few days, Uncle Santana says. Too bad you fellows will be dead by then. You, Robin, you would be thrilled to see the Seventh Cavalry riding into the capital of Texas with their flags and bugles and drums."

The Gay Place

"I've always imagined that Paradise would be a kind of library." Jorge Luis Borges

(The title comes from an F. Scott Fitzgerald verse: "I heard Helena/ In a haunted doze/ Say: "I know a gay place/ Nobody knows.")

The Gay Place by Billy Lee Brammer

As politician, Roy Sherwood had little to worry about so long as he behaved himself. He called himself a "conservative States' rights Democrat" -- it was a little game he played with people back home -- and his seat in the Legislature had practically been conferred on him, like a title. His grandfather, father, and older brother had served the same district before him -- an uncle had even put in twelve years as a Congressman in Washington. If anyone ever got rid of Roy, it would be his family, not his constitutions. And Roy tried to tell himself he didn't especially give a damn anyway.

Seguin Public Safety Youth Academy

For several years we have attended the graduation of youth who have completed firefighting and police training. The training is very arduous! These kids are serious! Perhaps one day one of these graduates will be working in our community as a firefighter or a police officer. This is such a good program for our youth - and whether any of them pursue a career in the fire department or the police department (here or elsewhere), they obtained some excellent leadership and character-building lessons.
We are very proud of these graduates.

HUGE ice and water dispenser

When I saw the workers the other day at the site of the future Baytown Steak and Seafood Restaurant, I had no idea they were laying the foundation for a gigantic ice and water dispenser. It is BIG!