Sunday, February 1, 2009

It is Winter - but we are ready for Spring!

The gardening supplies next to the firewood in the H-E-B display at the entrance indicates that although it is winter, we are gearing up for Spring.
I've been sending Hubby to the grocery store for so long that it was very instructional for me to stroll through our local H-E-B grocery store. Of course I had a list in hand but roamed almost all of the aisles, noticing the jump in prices for vegetables and canned goods. Well - paper products and other items seemed to have a price increase, also.
That's how it goes . . .

"Flowers seem the solace of ordinary humanity."

There are several flower shops in Seguin and I think I've done business with all of them!

The folks at Dietz Flower Shop are extremely helpful, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is very accommodating.
ALSO, there is a 24-hour vending machine where one can purchase flower arrangements (all sizes, all varieties, and various price ranges).
Flowers bring cheer . . . and comfort . . . and beauty.
"If you've never been thrilled to the
very edges of your soul by a flower
in spring bloom, maybe your soul
has never been in bloom."
Audra Foveo

Up in the air

Made a fast trip
to Tuesday Morning
the other day
(I love Tuesday Morning!)
and noticed a pickup pulling a bucket truck (Cherry Picker - hubby calls it) - maneuvering around the light
Of course, I whipped out the camera to snap some snaps!