Monday, April 13, 2009

Fishing Line

A digital snapshot really doesn't do this painting justice. It is lovely. When we lived in Elmwood, I had a battery-operated light attached to the top of it, which illuminated the detail and the beauty of the painting.

Carrie Davenport is a Seguin artist and extremely talented.

I'm praying for the day when we have an Art Center here in Seguin. I envision some art shops, a book store with all kinds of interesting reads and comfortable and friendly seating arrangements, a coffee shop, a little cafe - and around the corner a theater where we could see local productions (or traveling productions - who knows?).

This Center would be within walking distance from a new, large, top-of-the-art LIBRARY!

If I live long enough - perhaps . . .

Speaking of libraries, husband and I still marvel at the library we visited in Farmington, New Mexico.

Take the photo tour!

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