Monday, April 13, 2009

Childhood Memories

I enjoy looking at this painting. It reminds me of my childhood. Although I never had a treehouse, I climbed into several of my friends' treehouses and what fun that was!
Of course, I've swung in many a tire swing.

This painting was by artist Don Heitkotter. Don was from California but was living in Seguin when we moved here and my husband played golf with Don.

Don was the first person to come to our home after the 1998 flood, bringing plywood to board up the living room window which had shattered when a piece of furniture (probably the sofa) crashed into it while floating around the room. That flood water was powerful!
Initially, we didn't even know Don was the one who boarded the window. He came while we weren't at the house. That is the type of person he is: never seeking recognition, always willing to help - not talking about it.

He also rescued us when (to our embarrassment!) we ran out of gas on the way back from San Antonio. TWICE! He is/was a good friend. I say was (although he IS a good friend) because he moved back to California about five or six years ago.

If you saw Clint Eastwood's movie Misty, you may recall the portrait of Clint that Jessica Walters (forget their movie names) slashed with a knife. Well, Don painted that portrait (the one that was slashed . . . and another not-slashed that Eastwood has).

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