Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slave Transactions of Guadalupe County, Texas

Mark Gretchen gave a most interesting talk at the library today about slave transactions in Guadalupe County. Mark is a thorough and meticulous researcher and writer. He has 'over twenty years of experience in public libraries and municipal government.' Mark was most recently Assistant Director for the San Antonio Public Library and when we moved here, he was director of the Seguin library. He was instrumental in honoring Seguin's "Smokey Joe" Williams for his contribution to baseball.
Mark's wife Thien was my inspiration for my attempt at Amateur Blogging.

Mark's book Slave Transactions of Guadalupe County, Texas is now available at the pre-publication price of $35.

We are so fortunate to have researchers such as Mark Gretchen, John Gesick, and Virginia Woods (and many others I am sure) whose intellectual curiosity, tireless dedication, and professionalism (as well as excellent writing skills) provides us with Seguin's history.

I love it!

Note: when we - one day - Praise God! - have a new library (my prayers continue!), there will be parking space available; I had to park Forever Away today. But on the other hand, it was marvelous to see so many in attendance at the book talk.

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  1. Hope, my dear are the sweetest person ever! Thank you so much for the wonderful post on Mark's talk. Thank you for coming and listening. And MOST of all, thank you for your friendship. I have really enjoyed our blooming blogging friendship! ;) Hope you and Bob have a wonderful weekend!