Friday, January 2, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 1998

The flood of 1998 broke previous flood records throughout the Guadalupe County River basin and "reached or exceeded 500-year flood projections" in some areas.

"The flood of October 1998 is a good example of how two hurricanes, a strong low-level flow from the Gulf of Mexico , an upper level trough over New Mexico and a surface cold front combined to create the largest flood of the century for the Upper Guadalupe River Basin and the worst flooding ever recorded in the lower basin." [The Guadalupe River Valley Authority in Cooperation with the Federal Emergency Managment Agency publication]

My husband and I watched on a sloping 'hill' across the street from our house in Elmwood as the water rose. And rose. AND ROSE. There was about four and a half feet of water (powerful forceful raging water) in our home. We rebuilt this home and generous and gracious neighbors across the street (in fact on the very 'hill' we stood as we watched the waters rise) invited us to live in their tennis court apartment while our home was rebuilt. We have since moved from this home (which held marvelous family, grandchildren and friend memories) to a smaller 'garden home' and are quite happy here - as we were there.

We watched the waters rise until evening - thus this snapshot was taken when the sunlight (what there was that day!) was waning. The photo of the red door is the entrance to our present - much smaller - home. High and dry!


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