Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deputy Chief Reno Reiley Retires

Seguin Police Department will miss Deputy Chief Reno Reiley. Chief Reiley has been with the SPD for 35 years and he has made a difference. Not only has Reno been a dedicated, selfless, efficient police officer - he is a man of character. Last night there was a retirement celebration for Chief Reiley. He received well-deserved awards from the SPD, the Fire Department, and the Sheriff's office.
The following is copied from the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise, January 1, 2009
SEGUIN — When Reno Reiley went to work at the Seguin Police Department, the two-way radio officers could carry was about the size of a paving brick and weighed so much policemen tried to avoid using it.
“I don’t have any big plans,” Reiley said. “I’m going to stay involved with the police department, keep my reserve commission and be involved in some of the community programs the police have. Maybe I’ll go back to Germany for a visit within a few years, maybe to Bitburg or Hanover. I have distant relatives there.”

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