Monday, February 2, 2009

No ironing for me!

My mother loved to iron and she ironed beautifully. She was also a very accomplished seamstress and my sister and I wore lovely cotton dresses that were starched and crisply ironed. When I saw a dress I particularly liked in a department store window; we would trek to the store and my mother would examine the dress - then come home and stitch up an exact duplicate for me!
I can't sew. I hate to iron. Thus, we use Ledbetter's Cleaners and they do a fine job. In fact, after the flood, Ledbetter's brought their van and loaded up all of our river mud soaked clothes (weighing a ton!) and blankets, sheets, etc. and salvaged what could be cleaned and once we were situated in a temporary home, delivered them to us. Ledbetter's went above and beyond their normal business. And how we appreciate it!

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