Friday, May 15, 2009

El Ranchito - after a night out

Now where better to wind up an evening than at El Ranchito
for a snack and a drink??
One ALWAYS sees someone you know
at El Ranchito.
I love this restaurant!

The food is good.
The service is excellent.
The atmosphere is conducive for visiting with friends.
I love El Ranchito!
Oooooh - so good . . .

Now, what would a psychologist say about a man
who meticulously folds his napkin when finished with his meal?

What would a psychologist say about a woman
who crumples her napkin after finishing a meal??

Going further: what would a psychologist
say about a Republican and a Democrat
living together (lovingly I might add)
for almost fifty years?
The detail oriented folded napkin
and the passionate (about everything)
crumpled napkin
together . . .
forever . . .
makes life so very interesting
and fun!

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