Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cops & Kids Picnic

Five years ago, our oldest grandson got out of school early in the Spring because his Denver school building was having some renovation and re-construction work done. We jumped at the opportunity to bring him to Seguin for an extended vacation. Of course, we looked for fun things to do while he was here and noted that the Seguin Police Department was having a Cops & Kids picnic at the Seguin Activity Center. That was our exposure to this marvelous event. It was great fun for our grandson and for us.

A few months after that first Cops & Kids event, we attended the Seguin Citizens Police Academy classes, subsequently joined the SCPAAA (Seguin Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association) and since then we have volunteered to work at Cops & Kids. It is a great venue for the kids to meet our law enforcement officers and fire department personnel. The kids love it and it is gratifying and fun to see their excitement.

An aside: my husband and I have been fervently praying for Edmund Kuempel (as has everyone who knows him) and every event we have attended since he was hospitalized has had group prayer for this devoted public servant. God heal Edmund.

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