Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of Shakespeare and thinking of Grandchildren

I treasure this little note that my granddaughter
wrote when we were en route to Seguin
from Denver one year (spending the night at a motel).
Grandchildren are the VERY BEST!
Regarding Shakespeare, my eight-year-old granddaughter in Denver is memorizing some Shakespeare in preparation for an upcoming audition. If she is in this year's Shakespeare production, it will be her third year. I think her first year (age six) she was a tree or a bush or a flower (non speaking - but believe she sang a little ditty). I love it!!
The Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival is an annual event celebrating its twenty-fifth year. It is the oldest and largest Shakespeare Festival in the country. The day-long Festival is held in downtown Denver and provides the forum for students to perform sonnets and scenes from the works of Shakespeare as well as demonstrate dance and vocal and instrumental music of Shakespeare's time. The Festival begins with a parade to the performance venues and continues with performances throughout the day on multiple stages. The Challenge Bowl this year will cover the life and times of Shakespeare and Richard III.

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