Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving Pictures!

I remember all of these old movie magazines and think that I bought every issue during the 1950s. Couldn't wait to read about the movies and the stars and get the scoop on everyone. I wrote to Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Debbie Reynolds (forget some of the others) and received postcard photos with their signature. Wish I had them now.
Actress Natalie Portman and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur Christine Aylward have developed an online site (Making of) which purports to be behind the scenes about the movie making business.


  1. Oh my gosh! What GREAT memories ... I must have read every movie magazine that came out during the 1950's......, and like you.... I wrote them letters.

    I loved Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson!!! I saw every Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie....

    Thanks for the memories!!!!!!!

  2. As you know, all (or most of) my memorabilia was in the storage shed at our house in Elmwood and the shed was the first thing that was swept into the raging Geronimo Creek. Thus my teenage scrapbooks were lost but I can still see these movie photos pasted onto the pages(such glamorous folks!). I especially remember sighing over Tyrone Power's photo.

    Well - things are things. But memories last forever! And isn't it fun to sometimes dredge up these memories . . . and have someone else who also remembers!