Saturday, April 25, 2009

my grandmother, my mother, me - and my husband

Every family has traditional recipes that are passed down through the generations: these tried and true recipes, with flavors that bring to the fore all of the marvelous Family Memories associated with the times you ate these dishes with loved ones.

My grandmother and my mother and I (after I married) made/make a very simple apple-celery-green onion salad. I know that some would call this a Waldorf Salad. However, we always asked: "Who is going to bring the apple-celery-green onion salad?" My children expect this salad on occasions such as Thanksgiving (goes so well with turkey) or Easter (delicious with ham) - or anytime I take a notion to add it to the menu.

It is simple. It is easy. And it is soooo good. Recently, my husband made this salad to take to his last Bible Study/Potluck meeting, sharing it with a group he has met with every Wednesday for 32 weeks in a Disciple IV class. And, as always: it was a hit. Class members were guessing at the 'special ingredients' and the special 'flavors' and asking Husband for the recipe.

Well, here 'tis (and it couldn't be simpler!).

My Family Apple-Celery-Green Onion Salad

2-3 large Delicious apples
5-6-8 stalks celery
1-2 bunches green onions (I use some of the green - according to how much salad I am making)
(I have been making this for so many years and never have written it down - just judging how many stalks of celery, how many apples, how many green onions - by 'sight'. It is one of those recipes you can 'play with' according to how many people will be served.)
Enough Miracle Whip dressing to moisten (I know! I know! Genteel people do not use Miracle Whip, right? Well - believe me - genteel folks will love this salad!)
Salt and pepper according to taste

See? It couldn't be simpler . . . however, it is a great salad!

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