Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Community Working Together

607 Jefferson Avenue
A Community Garden{I'm looking forward to the tomatoes!}

making a difference . . .

Siempre Sustainable Network

The produce from this community garden is donated to the Christian Cupboard and sold at the Locally Grown Produce Market on Saturdays in the Central Square and on Wednesdays at the Silver Center Farmer's Market.
Our Green Thumb Youngest Son purchased a small plot in a downtown Denver community garden lot for a couple of years. Since he was a little tyke, he loved to dig in the earth (and he kept our Denver garden looking so very beautiful). As I understand it, some of the produce from this downtown garden was given to organizations in Denver such as the Men's Shelter and a Food Cupboard.
It is so encouraging to learn that we have a community garden here in Seguin. The hard work and innovative forward thinking of a few will hopefully encourage others to help in this endeavor - donating time, materials, finances, encouragement. Take a look at the garden - in back of the large building a block or so behind the Seguin Post Office.
"The gardens and those who participate in community gardening contribute to the preservation of open space, provide access to it, and create sustainable uses of the space. Community gardens strengthen community bonds, provide food, and create recreational and therapeutic opportunities for a community. They can also promote environmental awareness and provide community education." [Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington]

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