Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seguin Post Office

When we first moved to Seguin I would 'overshoot' the post office every time I went. It just seemed as though it was right there. After all, when we lived in Denver, it would take me twenty to thirty minutes to drive across town to my favorite bookstore, The Tattered Cover (oh I miss the Tattered Cover!!) and about an hour and a half to drive to the Federal Center to do some genealogy research - or about forty minutes or more to get to work at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in the 'business district.'

When we lived in Houston, the same story (unless one drove across town very very early in the morning to miss the heavy traffic and left after 5:30 p.m. to come back home - and at that, it was a hassle). We lived in Houston during the 'oil boom' and the traffic was horrendous (still the case, I suppose). When we visit the grandchildren (and their parents! and our single son) in Denver, we once again remark on the terrible traffic and so appreciate Seguin.
But then how quickly one forgets.
Short story regarding this posting: after living in Seguin for almost eleven years, I find myself making the same remarks that I chuckled at when we initially moved here, i.e. "Where do all these people come from?" "I had to drive around the block to find a parking place!" [Whereas, in Denver and Houston, if one was parked five blocks from one's destination - that was good news!]

Ah - it is all relative, right?

I maintain an alumni newsletter (high school) and have a mailing almost ready for my trek to the post office. That is what brought all of these travel-mailing-traffic feelings to the fore! Also, suppose I've been feeling nostalgic - memories of places and people . . .

Good grief! I'm OLD!

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  1. Don't we all feel, not old, just MATURE.