Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roundup - a Good Cause

In 2003, a group of volunteers in Seguin, Texas dedicated themselves to finding a way to raise funds for our community hospital as well as create an event that would preserve the area’s cowboy and ranching heritage for future generations. With those objectives and with that dedication, Roundup was born as the major annual fundraiser for Guadalupe Valley Hospital Foundation which has since been renamed Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation.What began as a small group of people with a dream has developed into a nationally recognized Cowboy, Ranching and Western Heritage Gathering supported by the efforts of more than 300 volunteers who commit their time and talents to support Roundup. All of them share a passion for preserving the history that made Texas a legend around the world.

The event's proceeds this year went to purchase special hospital beds. Each bed costs $7500 and was much needed in our hospital. Hospital beds have evolved to include a lot of new technologies. The newly purchased hospital beds can even monitor the patient's body position and alert the nurses to risky shifts. The bed can record the patient's weight and a degree of incline in a lying or seated position. The bed can be better positioned (than the older beds) for linen changes and patient examinations and will certainly improve hospital safety.

When we left yesterday evening (probably a little after 9:00 p.m.) Bevo still had not 'dropped' on any of the squares so I don't know who won this raffle!!

Delicious food! My favorite: the chili and cornbread!

If you have never attended Roundup (or if you HAVE), consider going March 20, 2010. A worthwhile cause and a Great Time
The 2008 Roundup was cancelled because our community was helping refugees from the hurricanes that struck Texas. Last night's function was a "make-up" event and did not have several of the family and children's activities that will be available next year. I love watching the kids scramble on and off the frisky sheep (think this is called the Mutton Bust) and is so much fun. There is also a roping contest for the Little Tykes. It is a great family event. Good food. Western storytellers and singers. And, again: for a good cause.
Red Steagall, 2006 Poet Laureate of Texas, is usually at Roundup (except for this strange year) and will most certainly be present in 2010.

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