Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artist J. K. Lamkin

One of the first persons I met when we moved to Farmington in 1953 was Janet Curry. Janet now lives in Taos and is producing some stunning art.


  1. Hope: I recently had Eye Surgery in CA by Dr Robert Herrick. Robert and I were friends in HS in Farmington. In our conversation, Janet Curry's name came up, and I told him I would find out what I could about her. I am working on that and I found your Blog. I would Like very much to talk with you, My E-Mail is
    My name is Chester Norris and I think you and I dated a few times. I live in Tucson..

  2. I only met Janet one time as a 16 year old boy. She was with an upper classman of mine setting in a 55 Thunderbird with the top was down at a local drive in called Johnson's Creme & Dog in Drumright. She would vist her grandparents during the summer who lived in Cushing. My classmate introduced her to me. It was a life changing event for me as I had never seen such a pretty girl. I knew she was special and had wondered about her for 58 years since then. It is so great to know she is still special.
    She is one of those people you can meet once in life and it will last a life time.
    Thanks for the memory.