Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Texas Day Trip - Lockhart

Lockhart is the county seat of Caldwell County and the Court House is absolutely stunning.

It seems as though the court houses in every town are architecturally lovely (if not actually lovely - certainly the most impressive structure in the town).

If you are in Texas, there WILL be a barbecue place and there was a long line outside Smitty's Barbeque (we have eaten at Black's Barbeque but never at Smitty's).

Texas Monthly article ('filched' from the internet):

"Smitty’s began around 1900 as Kreuz Market, a German butcher shop that sold fresh meat during the week and smoked whatever was left over on the weekend. The Kreuz name endured even after Edgar “Smitty” Schmidt bought the business, in 1948. It was still in use in 1999, when a dust-up among the late Edgar’s three children caused his son Rick to take the Kreuz name to a new building down the road. Fortunately, daughter Nina Schmidt Sells and her son, John Fullilove, kept the fires burning and reopened under the current name."

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