Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mayhaw Jelly

A Good Friend gave Dear Hubby some homemade Mayhaw Jelly. He says it is absolutely delicious!
This friend also makes a very good potato soup mix! AND she is making a wedding cake for a friend's wedding!!

The very word 'mayhaw' caused Hubby and a friend who grew up in East Texas to begin reminiscing about mayhaws, mulberries, persimmons, and chinquapin (which hubby states are nuts too bitter to eat - and grow wild in North Louisiana, Southern Missouri, and Arkansas - and who knows where else . . .).

It was such fun to hear Hubby and Friend wax nostalgic as they spoke of climbing the fruit trees to sit on a branch and eat the fruit to their heart's delight - which of course brought back other memories for them of those glorious childhood days.

Ah - memories. I loved it!

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