Friday, February 20, 2009

Advocating for Children

The Children's Advocacy has a fundraiser once a year: a Roast/Toast of a Seguinite. The first year this was Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel. The second year we roasted/toasted Charlie Koehler; the next year Sheriff Arnold Zwicke. This year Darren Dunn, KWED announcer, was gracious enough to endure the teasing and 'toasting/roasting' - all for a good cause: the abused children who come to the Guadalupe County Children's Advocacy Center.

Pictured below is GCCAC Director Paul Marsh with one of the most dedicated volunteers at the Center - Dean Webb. At one time I worked in the office and tallied up the volunteer hours; I dare say that Dean works over 100 hours each month. That is a lot of volunteer time and it is appreciated - and the Center makes a difference in our community. God bless these tireless staff members and volunteers.

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