Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - 2009


Dear Lord, please give me...

A few friends who understand me,
and yet remain my friends.

A work to do which has real value,
without which the world would feel the poorer.

A mind unafraid to travel,
even though the trail be not blazed.

An understanding heart...
A sense of humor.

Time for quiet, silent meditation.

A feeling of the presence of God
and the patience to wait for the coming of these things,
with the wisdom to know them when they come.

~By W.R. Hunt

Interesting article in the Science section of the New York Times (December 29, 2008) regarding religion and self-control.

Dr. Michael McCullough states: Brain-scan studies have shown that when people pray or meditate, there’s a lot of activity in two parts of the brain that are important for self-regulation and control of attention and emotion,” he said. “The rituals that religions have been encouraging for thousands of years seem to be a kind of anaerobic workout for self-control.”

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